The Washington State Ghost Society (WSGS) was a nonprofit organization based in the Seattle area that ceased operations on January 26, 2020. As a volunteer-based organization, it became increasingly difficult to staff the necessary teams to properly investigate cases and review the data. Since studying paranormal phenomena requires even more time and scrutiny to arrive at solid conclusions, the members of the organization felt that we should close down rather than sacrifice the quality of the research. The mission was to explore, conduct research, and educate those who were interested in the nature of spirits and their interactions with the physical world, as well as to provide assistance to those who are experiencing potential spirit-related activity.



    WSGS was made up of members experienced in audio, video, case investigations, photography, and surveillance techniques.  Some of the members were professional engineers and scientists.  Others were excellent researchers, information managers and/or life long students of metaphysics.  The team was rounded out using talented mediums and psychics, also referred to as "Sensitives."  With every investigation, precautions were taken to ensure the highest level of integrity. This included medium validation, redundancy of equipment, research, and other control measures.

     While reports of spirits, ghosts and hauntings have been part of every culture since the beginning of recorded history, it is only in recent history that equipment has been developed that can objectively document witness accounts of the paranormal.  WSGS investigations typically included audio and video recordings, photography, the use of various detection devices and methods, interviews, on-site physical experiments, and written accounts of whatever events that may (or may not) have taken place during the investigation. Investigations were enhanced by the utilization of mediums as "tools" to gather information which could be corroborated with gathered data.

    Sometimes we found evidence of a "haunting" or "spirit activity," and sometimes we didn't.

About Us!

WSGS was organized in 1998 and was the first paranormal group to assist Washington residents troubled by their experiences with Spirits.  On January 26, 2020, the group voted to cease operations.


Photo taken by WSGS Member at Washington State Mental Hospital

    No one was standing in the hall at the time this photo was taken!     


Shadow anomaly in doorway. Commercial facility in Redmond, WA.   


Spherical light anomaly illuminated possible Spirit - Oxford Saloon, Snohomish WA.    


Unusual light anomaly in an abandoned mill - Seattle Area.


Unexplained hand print on pillow - Arlington, WA