Washington State Ghost Society (WSGS) organized in 1998, and was the first paranormal group in the state to assist those troubled by their experiences with hauntings. It's currently the oldest, active paranormal group in Washington State.

        (Important:  The "new" paranormal group "Washington Ghost Society" is not

         affiliated with us.  We need to post this to avoid any unnecessary confusion.)  
WSGS is located in the Seattle area, we are a non-profit organization dedicated to the scientific investigation of ghosts, classic hauntings, poltergeists and other paranormal phenomena. We also provide education and assistance to people who have encountered spirits, or other unexplained activity. 

The Society consists of members who are experienced in audio, video, case investigation, photography, and surveillance techniques. Some of our members are professional engineers and scientists. Others are excellent researchers, information managers, or lifelong students of metaphysics, philosophy, or human studies. We round out our team by using talented mediums and psychics. We take precautions to ensure the integrity of our investigations, including data validation, redundancy of equipment, and other quality control measures.

While reports of spirits, ghosts, and hauntings have been part of every culture since the beginning of recorded history, we have only recently developed equipment that can objectively document witness accounts of the paranormal. Our investigations typically include audio and video recording, photography, the use of various detection devices and methods, interviews, on-site physical experiments, and written accounts of whatever events that may (or may not) take place during a particular investigation. We enhance this process with the inclusion of investigators who are especially sensitive to the paranormal and/or are professional mediums.

Sometimes we find evidence of a haunting, and sometimes we do not. We cannot guarantee that the ghost or spirit you may be encountering will show up for our team of investigators, but we can make our best attempt to both document the entity's existence and assit you with finding potential ways to co-exist with it. 

If you feel you are experiencing paranormal phenomena and would like to REQUEST AN INVESTIGATION, please e-mail our  CASE MANAGER. Please refer to the "Contact Tab" for the current email information.  We only handle cases that merit a scientific investigation and tend to prioritize potential cases that involve children. We DO NOT do exorcisms or clearings. Please realize by contacting us, you are requesting a serious investigation.

Details of our investigations are presented on the Washington State Ghost Society Facebook page.  The investigation details are found in the "Notes" section.

   Meetings are held at the Lynwood Public Library roughly every other month. (Members only).  If you'd like to attend a meeting or are interested in becoming a member please contact us for more details. 

What makes us unique as a paranormal group is that we investigate and communicate with the spirits rather than "hunting" ghostly phenomena.  The information we gather has aided many of our clients to better understand and deal with their unique situation.