WSGS is located in the Seattle area, we are a nonprofit organization dedicated to a scientific approach to evaluating classic haunting, Spirit activity and various other paranormal phenomena.  We use our experience to assist those in need of better understanding aspects of their paranormal situations.


The Society consists of members who are experienced in audio, video, case investigations, photography and surveillance techniques.  Some of the members are professional engineers and scientists.  Others are excellent researchers. Information managers and/or life long students of metaphysics.  We round out our team using the talented mediums and physics.  We take precautions to ensure the integrity of our investigations, including medium validation, redundancy of equipment, and other control measures.

While reports of Spirits, ghosts and haunting have been part of very culture since the beginning of recorded history, we have only recently developed equipment that can objectively document witness accounts of the paranormal.  Our investigations typically include audio and video recordings, photography, the use of various detection devices and methods, interviews, on-site physical experiments, and written accounts of whatever events that may (or may not) have taken place during the investigation.  We enhance the investigation utilizing mediums as "tool" to gather information to collaborate with other gathered data.

Sometimes we find evidence of "haunting" or Spirit activity during the investigation and sometimes we don't.



Organized in 1998, and was the first paranormal group in Washington to assist those troubled by their experiences with Spirits.  It's currently the oldest, active group in the state.