"One Can't Explore An Open System With A Closed Mind."

Jeffrey Marks, Past WSGS President & Current Member, Award-Winning Author, & Evidential Medium


About Us

   Members of WSGS came from a wide background with a variety of scientific and religious beliefs. Many of them had experienced paranormal situations at some point in their lives. So, while many of us were believers, as a group we still worked to maintain a balance between the objective and skeptical approaches towards paranormal phenomena.

     While there are some very experienced paranormal investigators in this field, none of us were experts.  Investigation methods, equipment used, and concepts learned were always evolving when studying this "open energy system."  As a group, we agreed that psychic and paranormal events often resist stringent scientific protocol. This is due, in part, to an "energy system" that is dynamic and always fluctuating. Scientific technology is not yet sufficient to monitor consciousness and it's related energies.  When the group was in operation, there were limited times and ways in which a spirit could impact environmental conditions. Our current audio and visual equipment had only begun to scratch the surface of understanding the mechanics of the spirit realm.

    Collectively, our investigative team had many years of experience in reviewing spirit activity and paranormal activity. Conducting both public and private investigations, we worked in numerous locations throughout the Pacific Northwest. Private cases were kept in the strictest of confidence, publishing only those cases where permission had been granted for us to do so.

     While we utilized equipment, our main focus was on the communication process, not merely the monitoring of phenomena. Our goal was to assist those experiencing activity which they believed was paranormal, as well as to educate and document. All of our services were free of any charges although donations were accepted.


"Surprising as it may be to non-scientists, and even to some scientists, the past, present, and future all exist simultaneously" 

Albert Einstein