WSGS conducted select investigations throughout the year, which added to our rich history of over two decades of paranormal work. We conducted substantial investigations, both residential and commercial, as well as specific spirit "Q&A Sessions - something we'd only been exploring in the last couple years of operation. 

     At each investigation our goal was to explore any witnessed paranormal activity, gather historical information via spirit communication (to include unwritten and lost history), as well as to gain an understanding of the layered affects of spirit activity.  Often an investigation consisted of a melding of each of these three categories, always yielding significant information to benefit our clients.

      Mediums were a vital resource tool. They were used to connect with any spirits who was present, as well as to connect with the various layered aspects of time.  Audio was a vitally import element in validating the medium's impressions.  Spirit messages, or EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena), collected on the digital recorders would most often yield significant information which validated the medium's impressions. This could include messages given within the context of the discussion, historical information, names, etc. The EVP's, when combined with the medium's impressions and known historical information, often provided the client with a better understanding of the foundation of the paranormal activity. It was our protocol that mediums be unaware of any information about the investigation site, either paranormal and historical.

    We also used an array of other equipment to monitor the environmental conditions so that we could gain a better understanding of how a spirit could potentially engage and manipulate these items.  These devices included video cameras, EMF meters, barometers, and temperature meters, just to name a few.

     Post investigation work consisted of data analysis and reviewing of all video and audio for either messages or anomalies.  This process typically took about two months, depending on the length and complexity of the investigation.

     We received many requests for investigations, and as much as we would have liked to partake in each one, there were a wide variety of factors which needed to be considered prior to taking on a case, including the completion of a standardized interview process. If it was determined that we could be of benefit, investigation wait times ranged anywhere from a few weeks to several months. 

      If it was determined that an investigation would not be beneficial, we did our best to assist via email or phone (conducted by appointment only). We also offered education and information through our Facebook page. Throughout the year there were educational presentations that were given by some of our members. These were typically posted on our Facebook page.

     Our group did not offer personal mediumship services, clear homes, or remove spirits. Some of our psychics/mediums offered these services outside of the confines of WSGS, however, as a paranormal group our role was simply to collect evidence and report our findings.