Please do your research! We do not endorse any particluar resource, nor are we compensated for listing them here.

We are simply providing them as a potential source for finding additional answers.

Seattle Area Alternative Bookstores & Learning Resources

A Path To Avalon - Arlington, WA.

Crescent Moon Gifts - Tacoma, WA.

Crystal Voyage - Tacoma, WA.

East West Book Store - Seattle, WA.

Moddejonges Herbals - Everett, WA.

Seattle Metaphyiscal Library - Seattle/Ballard, WA.

Stargazers - Bellvue, WA.

Vision Quest - Everett, WA

The Northwest Mediumship Association - An group which meets to help those who wish to develop and exapnd their mediusmhip abilities. Meetings are held in Everett, WA.

Miscellaneous Resources

American Psychological Society - Psychological information & resources. - Hospice site offering bereavement education & information.

Institute of Noetic Sciences - A privately funded scientific organization dedicated to consciousness studies.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline

Parapsychological Association - Scientific papers regarding paranormal and consciousness related topics. - Offers a great list of well-known parapsychologist and psychical researchers.  These may be some authors/researchers you can explore for more answers.

Rhine Research Center 

The Society for Psychical Research - A U.K. based organization focused on parapsychological topics.

The Spiritual Emergence Network - Therapist services open to non-traditional spiritual experience.

Books, Authors, & Magazines


For a good list of paranormal related magazines check out this Wikipedia Article

Watkins Magazine - Features a list of the 100 most influential spiritual people. A great resource for finding reliable education and insights.

Well-known professionals focused on the topics of Intuition,  Psychic, Mediumship, and Life After Death include some of the following: James Van Praagh, John Edward, Allison DuBuois, Lisa Williams,Gordon Smith (Just to name a few)!

Well known scientists focused on the topics of Consciousness, Parapsychology, After Death Communication, and Psi (psychic phenomenon) include some of the following: Dean Radin Ph.D., Gary Schwartz Ph.D., Julie Beischel Ph.D., Diane Hennacy Powell, M.D., Lynn McTaggert

Mediumship & Psychic Services

There are many wonderful and talented Psychics & Mediums all over the Seattle area. Most advertise on the internet, through local alternative stores, or through Meet-Up. We do not endorse any particular Psychic or Medium and we encourage you to do a full interview before selecting the Sensitive you want to assist you.

The paid services of our WSGS Psychics/Mediums is listed on the Resource Page

Forever Family Foundation - A free organization that certifies Mediums who volunteer their time with the organization.

Mark Ireland Certified Mediums - Approved Mediums are not charged for the testing but do pay for advertising on the website.

Best American Psychics - Mediums pay to be a part of this group. Although the organization offers a small testing service to verify the validity of its Psychics, it is not extensive.

Best Psychic Directory - Another organization that Mediums & Psychics must pay before they can be highlighted. Please research their qualification process.