FAQ's About Spirit Activity

Does your group believe in demons and non-human entities?

As a whole, no we do not, although some members may disagree. It has been our experience, that while negative experiences do occur, the bulk of valid spirit activity is positive and helpful, even though it might be unsettling. Most often, true negative activity is the result of a troubled soul. Just as some people here on earth would like to dress up or scare others, we feel that some ill-intentioned spirits are out to simply scare others for their own delight.

Many beliefs in demons or other evil figures tend to come from religions or myths. When spirit activity occurs, there may be an assumption it is negative or evil, when it fact it might be quite harmless. Perception may have someone assuming the spirit is negative, when in fact, it is merely making contact. Hollywood has also turned spirit contact into something to fear and this can also lead people into believing that it must be bad.

True negative activity would be activity that causes you bodily harm or violates you in a very intimate or personal way. In our experience, these cases are very rare. Most are a matter of personal fears and biases, combined with a lack of understanding – all easily things which can be overcome with a little understanding and a new way of thinking.


I feel scared about these paranormal events. I was taught that they are always evil or wrong, so what can I do?

The decision to embrace or reject spirit activity is a very personal one. Some people want it to be a part of their lives while others do not. It also depends on the type of activity which is occurring and why. For many people, both science and religion have taught us that spirit activity is always bad and/or impossible, but we seem to be entering an age when spirit communication is on the rise. More and more people are openly sharing their psychic and paranormal experiences and seeking to find real answers. This takes courage to step outside of what we once believed was taboo and/or impossible and to explore new potentials. Does it cause us to need to shift our current views, religious or scientific? Of course it does, but this is the point of all discoveries: They challenge our beliefs! Still, each person gets to choose or reject the activity.


Why is this happening to me?

The answer to this first depends on whether or not you have sought proper medical assistance and been cleared of any potential physiological or psychological causes. There are often many very rational explanations for claimed paranormal experiences. It also depends on whether or not any environmental factors have been ruled out. If it appears the claimed activity may be valid, then the answer to “why me” may be, “why not you?”

If spirituality and the spirit world are real, then what does this mean for you? Are you strong in faith or do you need to develop a closer spiritual connection? Do you have natural psychic ability that you have been repressing for years? Maybe there’s a loved one who wants to make contact. Did you do something which set the intention for spirit contact? Or maybe it’s the right time and place for you to have this experience, even if you didn’t ask for it or don’t want it.

There may not be one simple answer to this question. It may take some time to find out some potential reasons. The one thing that seems to be clear though, is that these events always force people to evaluate their spiritual selves and what that means for them.


How can I make it stop?

Making valid activity stop may not always be possible. For example, if you live in a home where there is residual activity as a result of the land, you may have no control over what happens. On the other hand, if a personal spirit is the cause then you may have a variety of options. Knowing what type of activity is occurring, and why, can be of some help. Common suggestions for activity which can be controlled may include clearing or blessing the home. This can be done either by a professional or by the residents. There are a variety of ceremonies from a wide range of faiths which can be performed.

Another option is stepping up and taking charge of the situation. Set boundaries and rules about spirit contact. Limit times of contact or who the spirit can make contact with and how. Or, you the spirit can even be banished by setting a safe spiritual perimeter around the home and its occupants.

There are too many options to list them all here. Doing some research, reading, and reaching out to those who have experience can all be helpful. Ultimately though, even with the help of others, resolution typically comes when the occupants work through the situation and find a resolution that works for them.